Why Does Online Casino Ask for Identification Proof?

Why Does Online Casino Ask for Identification Proof?

With the rise of online casinos, more and more people are participating in this sector. Online gambling platforms do not allow you to play any 123bet games without proper identification proof. There are several reasons behind there when did story implement the KYC process.

The online KYC process is a significantly easier thing to do. All you have to do is submit your documents, and once the platform verifies them, you will be good to go and play as much as you want.

Reasons For ID Requirements

1. Complaint With Anti-Money Laundering Laws

Money laundering is an illegal act everywhere in this world. With the help of online gambling, it is possible to start money laundering to make black money into white. Several people generate criminal activities like terrorist funding for drug trafficking.

In order to stay secure and sound from these types of things or to prevent people from any kind of cyber-crime requirement to ID is a must process for everyone in order to play casino games.

2. Prevent Minors from Entering 

Mostly the legal gambling age for every country is around 18. However, in some countries, it may be at least 21 years old. So, to protect the website from people under 18 or 21, they usually ask for documents. Without proper documents, people who are not eligible to play casino games would be unable to enter them.

Due to the influence of technology and the Internet, many minors do try to violate the law and enter online casinos to play such games. The requirement of documentation would not allow them to enter the website again.

3. Fraud Preventions

The KYC process can also prevent website owners or people from fraudulent activities. People usually create multiple accounts on casino platforms to manipulate the odds of winning. They use fake names and ages to register for the website. Due to these fraudulent activities, the government took necessary steps to allow KYC.

No one can make accounts on the platform without providing or submitting documents. One user can create one account on their ID, so they would never be able to participate in any fraud activity.

4. Irresponsible Gambling

Some people get addicted to these games and spend all the necessary cash required for their living. Providing the proper documentation to the platform will ensure that they will closely monitor every activity you do on these platforms. If you are going to spend your money on planning, then it would be a good idea.

The gambler who plays these types of the game most of the time would not be able to continue their irresponsible gambling sessions because of documentation requirements.


Almost every online casino platform asks for legal documentation because the website is completely genuine. If the website you are going to play does not ask for legal documentation, then there is a remote possibility the website is there to scam money from you. Make sure to look out for a reputed website to enjoy your gaming experience.

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